Let’s Discuss Job Marketing Effectiveness!

Here’s What Our Clients Used to Complain About:

“I’m frustrated because I never know where to post my job ads to find qualified applicants.”

“After a few days, no applicant sees my job ad because my job ad is on page 5 – but I paid for a 30-day job posting.”

“I need to minimize the cost of job board posting but maximize the number of applicants.

“I don’t know where applicants in my industry go to apply for jobs I am looking to fill.”

“I want recruiting to be simple; yet fill the jobs I need to grow my business.”

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Here’s How We Helped Them:

We don’t post to one job board but to multiple job boards Our OnePost SI Technology moves your job postings to different job boards throughout your advertising campaign including: Indeed, Google, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Craigslist, and LinkedIn… You want qualified applicants, consider our OnePost SI Technology.
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Here is How TalentValue OnePost SI Technology Works:

We use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology to help build the right job ad for your job.

We research the job boards that are most appropriate for your position.

Our TalentValue OnePost System will automatically place your job ad in all the right Job Boards to drive applicant traffic to you.

We control the budget so you can set a firm “not-to-exceed” advertising budget.

We provide your own career page to link to your own company website. This is important because Google For Jobs will find your website and list it in their Job Applicant System.

What makes TalentValue OnePost better?

We access All the top job boards – Indeed; ZipRecruiter; GoogleForJobs; plus. At one competitive price.

This is Job Board Optimization as it should be. Our approach – post jobs to the best job boards through our partner network.

You want to post to a specific job board – we can. Our OnePost Technology works for you and your budget.

Click this link to check out how our ATS is significantly different from our competitors and saves 70% of the time it takes to vet applicants – another AI Smart Technology by BusinessValue365.