Zoho Analytics is a reporting and BI tool that enhances decision-making by converting business data into visually rich reports. Zoho Analytics can empower your business with deep insights from your data, with our business intelligence and analytics app.

Discover hidden insights from your raw data by using Zoho Analytics. Transform huge amounts of raw data into actionable reports and dashboards. Track your key business metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers, and unearth hidden insights, all by using Zoho Analytics.

With Zoho Analytics, you can blend information together to create cross functional reports and dashboards, to view your business health across all departments. With Zoho Analytics you can create reports and dashboards with our reporting tool’s easy to use drag-and-drop designer and be able to use different visualization options to drill down to specifics.

Zoho Analytics is AI (artificial intelligence) powered analytics. Ask our intelligent assistant Zia, questions in natural language, and get answers in the form of reports and be able to auto generate reports on your data and forecast trends based on your past data.

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