Zoho Campaigns is an Email marketing software that helps businesses to drive more sales.

Create responsive designs, customize messages, deliver emails to inboxes, trigger automated workflows, and connect with new customers—Zoho Campaigns provides the toolkit to meet your email marketing needs.

Zoho Campaigns is a simple drag-and-drop editor that lets you dynamically change your email’s content, images, and CTAs. With Zoho Campaigns, you can connect with your recipients through every email by using interactive elements like polls, surveys, attachments, GIFs, images, videos, and reply tracking. You can take the guess work out of your campaign’s content by testing in real time which version of your campaign performs best with your audience. A or B?

You can enhance email deliverability, avoid domain misuses, and improve your sender reputation by authenticating your domain with Zoho Campaigns.Send just the right number of email campaigns without overwhelming your audience and gain more trust for your brand. Finally, spruce up your email marketing to achieve the best results and maximize outreach, all by using Zoho Campaigns.

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