ZohoCliq is a quick and informal messaging application for better team communication and collaboration.Zoho Cliq simplifies your team communication with organized conversations, information that is easy to find and by connecting to the tools you love.

Zoho Cliq transform ideas into reality with your team. With channels, your team communication is visible, transparent, and efficient.Search for messages, find files shared in a conversation, or look up a user— find what you are looking for, right when you need it.

Working remote? This is the easiest way for remote team collaboration.Check in to work andsee your team. You can directly check-in to work from Zoho Cliq and see how many from your team are already at work, who is away, and who is currently in a meeting. You can have instant virtual meetings and share ideas on whiteboard. See how Zoho Cliq makes remote work, work!

Business communication software that makes it easy to collaborate, no matter what team you run.

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