ZohoConnect is a social networking app that allows people to connect with their colleagues, share ideas, and disseminate information.Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that brings people and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to get work done.

Get together to get more work done with Zoho Connect.Use Groups to give each team an exclusive space where collaboration can happen without barriers and the ability to share information and translate shared goals into teamwork.

With ZohoConnect you can channel discussions in real time with your team and make time-sensitive decisions happen faster.

Keep in touch with your team, no matter where you are, using Feeds. Exchange ideas, receive updates from co-workers, and always stay up to speed on what’s happening at your workplace.

Use intelligent forms to collect and process data. Build workflows to save time and effort that you can invest in productive work, instead.

Bring work files to one place, so all of you can access them when needed. Create documents with your team using our online editors and turn writing into a collaborative process.

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