Zoho Flow is an integration platform which connects cloud applications. It helps you set up workflows to automate information exchange among the apps you use. … The action can be updating data in an app, sending an email, delaying for a specified period, or a custom function. With Zoho Flow, you can build smart integrations to break the information silos in your business.

Connect your apps to ensure an uninterrupted flow of information between them. Get emails, reports, records, and more to move across your apps automatically by using Zoho Flow.

With Zoho Flow, you can stop spending your time and effort coding complex integrations by easily setting up a trigger and dropping actions onto the builder to integrate your applications seamlessly.

With Zoho Flow, you can design flows to accomplish a whole series of routine tasks that would otherwise eat into your productive work time allowing you to stay focused on the heart of your business.It gets even simpler with our collection of pre-built flows. Pick the ones you like and get started right away. With Zoho Flow, you can orchestrate an efficient business where teams work on building workflows that connect information across departments thatcoordinate with teammates and bring harmony to your business processes.

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