ZohoNotebook is a simple note-taking app that works across devices.

Different types of notes should be treated differently. Each Note Card type is designed to complement the type of note you aretaking: Text, Checklist, Audio, Photo, File, Sketch/

With Zoho Notebook you can jot, list, record, sketch, and snap what you need to remember with Text Card. With Zoho Notebook, you can safely and securely share your notes with friends and co-workers. Share notes and collaborate securely with the people you trust—and only them.

Zoho Notebook is synced. Sealed. Delivered.This is the Notebookyou will never lose because it syncs to the cloud and across your devices. It is always backed-up and always up to date.

Notebook is free. And ad-free too.We do not sell your info. We do not do ads. Our business model ensures our ability to act in your best interest while storing and securing your data.

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