Workforce Builder

Workforce Builder

Using the WORKER TRAINING SYSTEM to Assure Consistent Results

“Workers frequently are taught their job by other workers, who were never trained properly. Written
instructions are often too complex for the worker to comprehend. The result is workers who cannot do
their jobs correctly because they don’t know how.” W. Edward Deming

The WORKER TRAINING Systemprovides in-house teams with a simple methodology to collect and
assess fundamental information relating to performing a job. Once the team agrees on how the job can
be done “right the first time”, the information is packaged in a multi-media training program for Job
Instruction Training or for eLearning modules. Managers and supervisors want to be sure workers are
trained or cross-trained consistently.

The WORKER TRAINING System has been successfully used in a variety of applications ranging from
heavy machinery operator to construction jobs to self-administering medication; from detecting and
repairing gas leaks to packaging food and beverage products.
It works because it… is simple; involves employees; generates both video and hard copy documentation; uses an Adult Learning repetitive format; is quickly updatable and content emphasis is on Method,
Safety, Quality and Communications issues.

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